Travel stats: month three

As I write this, my camera tells me we have been on the road for a whopping 94 days.

By our original plan, this puts us halfway through our trip. We have a busy run up to Christmas – we’re currently in New Zealand, and we’re heading to Fiji and Hong Kong before we hit Bangkok in mid December. Our plan is then to make our way overland via Cambodia to Vietnam, where we’ll be meeting Craig’s family for Christmas – my first one in a hot country!

It’s been an action packed three months – if you had told me at the start of this year I’d be jumping out of a plane, climbing a mountain and learning to dive I’d have been pretty happy. But there has been much more than that, and hopefully there will be a lot more to come! Here’s to the next three months!

  • Countries visited: Two
  • Places visited: Ten
  • Flights taken: Two
  • Kilometres driven: 1,432 in Australia. I’ve lost count in New Zealand but will report back with a final count next month!
  • Chess games: Five
  • Favourite dish: Venison pies from the Ferg bakery in Queenstown
  • Vizslas: Two
  • Biggest extravagance: A private, ensuite hostel room after two nights of camping in a 2-man tent without running water on Fraser Island
  • Biggest bargain: Free entry to a $30 rodeo. Well blagged, Craig, well blagged.
  • Items lost: Two – my camera lens cap and our iPhone. Oops.
  • Best purchase: New iPhone (again, oops)
  • Best item in rucksack: Warm, quick-dry wool hiking socks (New Zealand is cold!)
  • Top of our reading list: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Craig), Cloud Atlas (Katie)
  • Snakes: Two
  • Time spent free falling to earth from a plane: 90 seconds (45 each)
  • Favourite photo spot: Tough choice. Either the Great Ocean Road, Vic, or this little spot just north of Queenstown. Which do you prefer?



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  1. Amy said:

    Wow, a packed itinerary ahead then! I’m so envious of you being in New Zealand right now, enjoy, I miss that country even though it’s mega expensive! Great to hear that you skydived, we also did that in NZ and it’s one of my favourite travel memories 🙂

    November 18, 2014

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