Travel stats: month seven

The months do keep rolling by… We are now seven months in to what was supposed to be a six month trip and still going strong.

The last month has been calmer, quieter. For much of it we were in one place, enjoying some routine and the lost art of making sandwiches for lunch. After a brief trip out to Pai to refresh Craig following a month beavering away at the computer, we are now back on the road Proper and it feels invigorating. The month ahead looks busy; as you read this we are getting acquainted with our eleventh country – Myanmar (or Burma, if you prefer) – and looking ahead beyond that to cherry blossoms and (hopefully) seeing friends in Japan.

Our seventh month on the road, in numbers, looks like this…

  • Countries: One
  • Places: Four

Again, we’ve stuck to our planet-friendly approach this month. There have been no planes, just two long-distance trains, one motorbike rental, a smattering of tuk tuks and two sickness-inducing mountain minibus rides of terror to and from Pai.

  • Favourite dish: A classic green curry from our favourite spot in Bangkok
  • Snakes: Zero (an excellent improvement, Craig notes)
  • Elephants: Thirty Eight (a significant increase on last month, Craig notes)
  • Biggest extravagance: A day trip to the Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai; at £50 each it wasn’t cheap but was a rewarding and enjoyable day out. Blog post to follow!
  • Biggest bargain: Heading to Pai just after peak season meant we scored an ensuite superior room for just £5 a night!
  • Best purchase: A black maxi skirt for Katie. The heat in Asia at the moment is incredible, and the skirt is much cooler than trousers!
  • Best item in our rucksacks: Our packing cubes have meant the busy last week or so haven’t been too traumatic! We can pack in about five minutes flat if we need to.
  • Reading list: Craig is back on Game of Thrones (Dance of Dragons) while Katie has been revisiting her childhood with Anne of Green Gables and her sequels.
  • Favourite photo spot: The beautiful scenery of mountainous Pai
Travel stats month seven
Springtime flowers in Pai

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