Travel stats: month five

Hello lovelies. How is it the middle of January already?! And how is it I’m still seeing Christmas trees in Cambodia?!

The last month has been an exciting one. After our hectic Month Four, we were so pleased to be back in Asia and ready to slow things down a notch. Nevertheless, it was a month of firsts – particularly our first overseas Christmas slap bang in the middle. Honestly? I was slightly dreading it. Christmas is something of an event in my family. I hated the thought of missing out and was worried I’d get terribly, irreversibly homesick.
Thankfully, it was all good: my lovely in-laws jetted out so we were surrounded by family, and even though I didn’t get to participate in some of my usual Christmas rituals (starting with Christmas Eve in the pub!), there was something rather enjoyable about seeing in Christmas Day on a beach bar. Thanks to Skype, I got to say Merry Christmas to my family, open some presents with them and have a nosy in the fridge at all the cheese, wine and chocolate I’m missing (you know, in these eight months of deprivation…). I’m not sure I’d want to permanently swap my UK Christmas for a hot one, but I’m glad we had the opportunity to try something different.

  • Countries visited: Three
  • Places visited: Nine
  • Flights taken: Zero
  • Trains: Two
  • Boat journeys: Four
  • Hours spent on buses listening to full blast Cambodian karaoke music: Thirteen (approx). Not cool Cambodia, not cool at all.
  • Snakes: One (which Craig coped with very well)
  • Favourite dish: Phở – a delicious Vietnamese beef broth with noodles. It costs about £1.20 for a massive, hydrating bowl and is also hangover food from the gods.
  • Fresh coconuts drunk: A hydrating 14
  • Biggest extravagance: Cocktails at a swanky rooftop bar in Phnom Penh. We did go at happy hour, at least!
  • Biggest bargain: A £5 food tour in the Mekong delta. We got to try some great local produce, although I can’t say I’m a lifelong convert to snails…
  • Items lost: One iPhone charging cable. Seriously, I’m going to just gaffa tape this stuff to myself and have done with it.
  • Best purchase: A USB stick of DVDs ($10) so we can give our livers a rest every few days and have a night in (shut up. YOU’RE old and boring).
  • Best item in rucksack: My camera! We’ve visited some scenic and fascinating places and I’ve had it glued to my side.
  • Top of our reading list: Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey. Craig has given up reading in favour of playing Football Manager on our tablet *eyebrow*
  • Favourite photo spot: Ta Prohm temple, Siem Reap
    Ta Prohm - where the jungle has taken over
    Ta Prohm – where the jungle has taken over

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