The laneways and street art of Melbourne

I’ve heard Melbourne described more than once as feeling quite European and, after spending a week there I can see why. I think the trams, laneways and arcades of Melbourne are a big part of this. The laneways are a network of side streets, which for a time were a bit overlooked and unloved. Thankfully, some bright spark saw their potential and they have now been revitalised into a network of atmospheric cafes, juice bars and little shops. Laneway The excellent tourist information in Melbourne provides a free walking guide to help you explore them. The laneways and back streets also show off Melbourne’s creative side. Melbourne has a thriving street art scene, and many of the “slots” are rotated on a regular basis to give up and coming artists an opportunity to showcase their work. Full wall street art Some of the art also shows off Melbourne’s political side! Street Art Abbot/Pinocchio Contrasting with the gritty, urban side streets are the gentile shopping arcades, which have chic boutiques and cool independent shops. Arcade One of Melbourne’s other famous residents is the tram network. There is even a free tourist tram which loops around the town centre if your feet get a bit sore. In order to accommodate them in the road without anyone getting flattened, Melbourne has created the famous “right left turns”, which mean any vehicle wanting to turn right (and therefore across the tram tracks) has to turn from the far left lane of traffic. I’m glad we didn’t have to navigate central Melbourne by car! Tram right turn

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