Hello Queensland! Our stay in pretty Palm Cove

Sans sandwich, we arrived in Cairns in the humid, tropical far north-eastern corner of Australia. You may recall our Sydneysider friends impending wedding, which was to be in the beautiful resort of Palm Cove. It was Palm Cove that would be our home for the next six days.

Palm Cove is a rather upmarket resort town in ice cream colours sitting on a palm tree lined beach. I imagine the town naming meeting was rather a brief one.

Palm Cove's shopping centre
Palm Cove’s shopping centre

The pretty esplanade that runs parallell to the beach is lined with luxury hotels, bars and enticing cafes. The wedding party was kind enough to stay at one of those hotels, so we convened the next morning for champagne. It’s a hard life, this backpacking, but someone has to do it.

As I found out in Lembongan, I’m a fan of small towns and we quickly slipped into the laid back pace of life in between the wedding preparations!

The wedding went without a hitch, and the bride looked stunning. Aside from briefly losing a few groomsmen (and who hasn’t done that?), I think Team Bridesmaid did ourselves proud too!

As well as being a lovely destination in it’s own right, Palm Cove sits on a treasure trove of amazing places to visit. Rather than stay in Cairns, we extended our stay at the Mango Lagoon to explore more.

One of our day trips was north to Port Douglas – a larger town on the coast with a stunning view – and a visit to Wildlife Habitat Wildlife Habitat.

The view from Port Douglas
The view from Port Douglas

Wildlife Habitat is (as the name would suggest) a park showing the best of north Australia’s wildlife. The initial aviary didn’t look like much, but we spent over four hours checking out the native birds and bothering kangaroos. We saw several koalas, a giant crocodile sunbathing and a couple of cassowaries.
The best bit though, was that for $2 you could buy a bag of animal feed and go and make some friends in the kangaroo enclosure! We met some kangaroos and some wallabies who were incredibly cute and who held paws with you and wouldn’t let go until they were quite, quite sure that there wasn’t any more food coming.
Craig makes friends with a wallaby
Craig makes friends with a wallaby

Me with my herd of kangaroos
Me with my herd of kangaroos

Although pretty used to humans we tried to keep to the paths to ensure they had a bit of space. There were lots of ducks living with the ‘roos who, optimistically, tried to persuade you to feed them pellets despite being approximately 100% less cute than kangaroos. There are occupational hazards to being a ‘roo groupie though. At one point the kangaroos went bounding across the park, over a stream in the middle. Alas, one of the ducks got in the way and got used as a kangaroo launch pad which was possibly the greatest thing I saw in Australia. Videos will follow when I learn to work the GoPro.

If you happen to be in Cairns or Palm Cove, Wildlife Habitat is well worth an afternoon. Tell the kangaroos I said hi!

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