Kuala Lumpur: Day 2

We had assumed we’d be wide awake by about 7am with the dreaded jet lag, so we were slightly thrown to wake up at 1pm after 13 hours of dreamless sleep. Clearly the last few weeks has taken it out of us!

Our hostel was directly opposite the famous Central Market in Chinatown, so we headed there for a noodle soup brunch before making our way over to the Merdaka Square – the site where Malaysia declared independence in 1957. It also bares more than a passing resemblance to a Surrey cricket pitch, which is what it used to be! The cricket bit – I don’t think it was ever located in Surrey.



The KL subway is incredibly cheap (about 30p one way) and easy to use, so we used this to zip about the city for most of our stay.

Unfortunately, upon arrival at the Petronas Towers HQ we discovered tickets for the towers sell out by about 10am every day so we had no hope of getting up to see the view. Instead, we took a walk around the malls nearby, peeking in the Zaras and Topshops and feeling like we could be in Westfield.

Once we’d had our fill of malls (which didn’t take long) we headed out to the park and wandered around, watching the local children play in the paddling pool and adults getting told off for flaunting the strictly enforced “no shoes” rule.



We then headed to the famous Skybar at the Traders Hotel. This 33rd floor bar overlooks the Petronas Towers, and we managed to arrive at 5pm just in time for a free booth overlooking the Towers and, equally importantly, happy hour. In the evening, I read that it is fairly dressy, but during the day it forms part of the hotel swimming pool and seemed pretty laid back about both dress code and clientele. They let us in anyway!

We ordered two mojitos, which came to a budget breaking 12 quid, but best to ease into these things gently I find.
We dragged these out as long as we felt was decent, and then decided to head back out in to the open. If you were really shameless, you could arrive at about 5:30 and drag out your drinks until sunset at 7:30, but we were not that shameless.

So, we headed out for a quick and nutritious snack of water and crisps before returning to the park to photograph the towers, which were now sparkling in the night sky. I’m not a great one for architecture, but whoever designed the lighting on those things is a genius. They look as if they are moulded from white light and are truly stunning.


We headed back to deal with some emails (the joys of moving out of a flat and not thinking to dry clean your curtains) and then headed out for some Indian roti and a lime juice before crashing out and watching a TV show on our tablet.

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    May 19, 2015

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