July: the countdown begins!

In the run up to something Big, I usually have an “SGR” date in my mind. SGR stands for Sh*t Gets Real – when it all kicks off.

For our trip, 1 July was my SGR date, for two reasons. Firstly, and somewhat obviously, July is our final month in London and where the winding down UK/ gearing up to GO will collide. Hopefully not too dramatically.
Secondly, it marked one month exactly until I left my job to become an unemployed bum a worldly traveller type.

Earlier in the year, 1 July seemed sufficiently far away. A nice concept, but nothing too scary. It’s here now, and over halfway through. We are busy, but very excited.

Our plans for the month include:

  • Wrapping up our flat in London
  • Wimbledon
  • Finalising our travel plans and last minute purchases
  • Jabs (eurgh)

I’ll keep you posted on how we get on!

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