Craig is furious because of temples

Greetings from Indonesia.

It’s been pretty quiet on the furious levels now, mainly because we are having a lot of fun.

However, as we have landed in Indonesia – Yogyakarta to be precise – it was time for some culture. By culture I mean temples.

The best time to see a temple is clearly at sunrise (in my book anyway), so our first temple visit managed to combine two of Craig’s least favourite things – a very early start (4am) and a full morning of “boring old shit”, as he lovingly refers to all ancient monuments.

We folded ourselves in to an already-crowded minivan and bounced along Yogyakarta’s already congested roads for a good hour to witness the worlds least interesting sunrise from a hill approximately 55 miles away from the temple we actually wanted to visit.

We arrived at the temple to be presented with a sarong (this was universal for all non-Muslim visitors, although I’m not sure why, as we were covered up) which enthusiastically untied itself at every opportunity. We were then presented with a complementary bottle of water, which would have been a lovely touch if the next thing we saw hadn’t been a sign saying “No food or drink”.

Tired, and a little confused, we wrestled our sarongs all the way up to the temple.

Craig, looking resplendent and sad in his sarong

Borobodur is, in fairness, pretty spectacular (more to follow on this) despite being full of gaggles of Indonesian teenagers. They loved Craig though, and things improved when he was accosted for several photo shoots. Apparently I am less interesting which is fine, and I’m totally not bitter.

Craig with his fans: officially more interesting than an ancient temple


  1. Holly Driver said:

    Craig really is Karl Pilkington.

    September 26, 2014
    • Katie said:

      He really really is. I might try and get them a double act show.

      September 26, 2014

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