Craig is furious because of eggs

As promised to “friends” of Craig, here is the first in my series of blogs for “why Craig is furious today” charting
the minor frustrations and meltdowns of our very own Karl Pilkington.

Today, Craig is furious because, having spotted a breakfast deal of tea, toast and runny eggs, we discovered that:
1. White tea has condensed milk in it, making it incredibly sweet
2. Runny eggs in England are not the same as Malaysian runny eggs, which are much less cooked. Some might call them semi-raw.


To be fair, I’m kind of with him on this one. What kind of monster puts condensed milk in tea?!


  1. Holly Driver said:

    I love condensed milk! Just like caramel, nom nom nom.

    August 20, 2014
    • Katie said:

      Not in tea you don’t… *sadface*

      September 13, 2014

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