Craig is furious because of sandwiches*

After an all-too-short stay in Sydney, it was time to head to Cairns.

We had a 7:10am flight (and therefore a 5:15am departure) which seemed like a good way of saving £20 at the time.

Knowing how badly we function early in the morning, we went to great trouble to prepare sandwiches for the morning journey.
We had some leftover salad and sweet corn and, to Craig’s delight, we’d splashed out on a rotisserie chicken and a crunchy fresh baguette for the occasion. In short, it was to be the greatest chicken sandwich known to man, and would sustain us as we travelled up the continent. We lovingly placed it in the fridge for the next day.

Morning came, and we staggered round bleary eyed – packing the last of our rucksacks and trying to remember how to brush our teeth. At 5:15 sharp, we were on the bus and heading off down the road. At 5:16, we realised we had forgotten something.

Adios, dear sandwich.


*Craig felt the name of this post should be “Craig is furious because Katie forgot his sandwich”, but this is my blog and we don’t apportion blame here. Especially to me.

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