Craig is furious because of a snake

I’m slightly behind on my travel blogging at the moment and for that I apologise. I am still learning how to work the wordpress app but I think we are there now.

I was becoming slightly concerned about the lack of Craig is furious posts; he is adapting to travel life far better than expected.

Tonight however, we were walking back to our room in Ubud. Craig, the more intrepid of us, found a short cut that took a rather dark, rather narrow path but would cut out Ubud’s rather horrible main road.

We were heading down some steps when Craig shot past me in the opposite direction, screaming manfully about a snake. I stepped a bit closer and, sure enough, there was a black and white snake slithering off the side of the path. Craig had, quite literally, nearly stepped on it.

Bungarus candidus (Blue krait) งูทับสมิงคลา, งูทับทางขาว, งูปล้องเงิน
Photo copyright Kevin Messenger

Once we had made our way home via an alternative, less snake-infested road, a swift google turned up the following facts:

  • The snake we had seen was probably a Blue Krait snake
  • The Blue Krait, as snakes go in Bali, is one venomous bugger. Although not aggressive, death rates from a bite can be 50% – even with anti venom
  • They can grow to up to 1 metre in length and mainly hunt at night
  • They are comparatively rare to see, but becoming more common as Bali develops more and more into
    the rice fields where it lives and hunts
  • Nearly stepping on one of Asia’s most deadly snakes will do nothing for your snake phobia

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