And so it begins…

Hello! We have arrived in Kuala Lumpur unscathed.

Our flight was everything I had hoped for: 14 hours of being slightly-too-cramped for sleep, two airline meals of assorted beige mystery items plus a bread roll, and one short(ish) delay due to a passenger being lost and then turning up. In short, I was pleased to step off that plane.

I always love the first moment you step off a plane to somewhere new and inhale the air. First impressions of KL (as it is known) were of humidity – very welcome after 14 hours of dry cabin air – and a faint smell of undeterminable spices.

In contrast with other Asian cities I have visited, KL is both small (1.7m people compared with around 7m for London) and fairly easy to get to grips with. We treated ourselves to a cab and sped into town along the clear highway, looking at the sparkling high rises as Craig frantically tried to hack the bus wifi to confirm where we were actually going.

Due to slight tech issues (an over reliance on 3’s roaming service being the main one) we didn’t have our actual hostel address on us – only a map. I know, I know. Bless the taxi driver, he was determined to get us to the door and – along with the help of a passing hotel porter – he did just that.

We checked in to our windowless, but clean, hostel room and headed out for a well deserved beer and bite to eat.


We sat at a BBQ stall called Fat Brother and ordered some fresh chicken, lamb and pork satay skewers along with some fish balls (balls made of fish, to clarify) and a well-deserved beer before heading back to bed for a 12 hour sleep. Suddenly I was rather glad to have windowless rooms!

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    May 14, 2015

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